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A Boutique Wedding Film House  


These moments only happen once, but it's our job to help you relive them for a lifetime.

We love to work with outgoing and adventurous couples. The sights, sounds, and style of your wedding day will help our artists craft together a story that's unique to you.

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Meet Jordan

Jordan has spent the past four years creating love stories for couples around the world. When contacting Knotted Arrow, he'll personally guide you through the process of planning and crafting together your story. 



Style Blogger and Founder of The Cheeky Been

“We made a last minute decision to hire a wedding videographer after hearing countless people tell us their biggest regret was not investing in one, and boy was it the right thing to do! As a creative myself, I’m very picky with videography and photography, but I knew from the start Knotted Arrow was the right fit for the job. We had the absolute blessing of working with Jordan and his team, and it is hands down the best decision we made in the wedding planning process. Believe me when I say there is not a single video that comes out of this team that is sub-par. They are professional, kind and super personable, and most importantly - extremely talented!”



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